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Provided on this page is a short list of notable work by Joshua Richard.
This list does not reflect all of the previous work by Joshua.


Company Intranet

PHP, MySQL, Javascript & jQuery

Company Intranet by Josh Richard Touch Screen Kiosk

PHP, MySQL, Javascript & jQuery, REST API


PHP, jQuery, Javascript, SMS

Nationwide civilian journalist website where anyone can write a News story.


IoT Alarm System

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, CHIP, Python, Node.js, PubNub

IoT Alarm System by Josh Richard

Custom built IoT Alarm System

PHP, MySQL Javascript & jQuery, VOIP

Post voice message recordings to Facebook and Twitter.

Elite Vapors

Ecommerce Website Development

Elite Vapors

LB Computers

Ecommerce, Business Website Development

LB Computers

Bit Bayou

Business Website Development

Bit Bayou


Website Development