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 Roomba Frame Build

  22nd Jul 2017

I have been considering different ways to build a frame upward for this Roomba Create 2. Luckily, the Create 2 has several marked spots where you can drill and screw in to. To get it working quickly and efficiently, I chose to use some hard aluminum, and then brace and screw…

 100% Wind Energy Powered

  17th Jun 2017

Thanks to Arcadia Power my residence is now 100% Wind Energy powered.

 Custom IOT Alarm System

  26th Nov 2016

I've been working on several projects lately, even recently gave a talk about one where I set up a door alarm with text message alerts using an Arduino, sensor, and a little code. A photo posted by Josh Richard (@_joshrichard_) on Nov 6, 2016 at 6:31am PST I've even gone…

 DC225 &

  23rd Jul 2016

I have been busy working on projects with and helping rebuild DEF CON 225 [DC225] - Baton Rouge's DEF CON group. I have taught an introduction to Node.JS, built projects featured in the local Maker Faire, redesigned the website, and have been keeping the blog and mailing list up to date


  18th Jul 2016

I am considering adopting a cat, and currently looking around the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Cat Haven was the first one I came across and looks quite reputable, so I started my search. After considering my options, I realized a declawed cat would be ideal; don't worry Peta, I am not…

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